Loved You from the Start

I’ve not written a word here since that first time I saw your lovely face.

The days since you captured my heart, since we began this maddening journey to you, they’ve been bittersweet. Sweet in discovering the wonder of you, coming to realize love at first sight is real and when God has a plan – no amount of paperwork or miles can take away that love. We truly have loved you from the very start little one.

So we wait.

The bitter taste of the wait makes us cringe and we ache for you.

Your siblings all gathered around to see you this morning. They commented how much you looked like your brother, how you ate bananas and drank juice. They laughed at the cake all over your face. They celebrated your birthday, celebrated that you will be coming home to play with them. Your grandparents too, looked through the pictures of your day and rejoiced over you. Your grandma cried when she saw you with your cake, surrounded by smiling, caring people.

Your sisters are preparing your room, making plans, saving clothes, waiting, waiting for you to join them. Your big sister made sure that your pictures were nicely framed by your birthday cake, made sure to have pictures taken. She lovingly anticipates the day when she can show you how you were celebrated and loved for so long. She’s secretly been working on a painting for us, a painting that reminds us just how much we’ve loved you – right from the start. Only God can do that.

katie ann

You are never far from our thoughts, always weaved into our conversations. Often, when we sit at dinner, we will look around to see who is missing… it’s always you. At every dinner your little sister, who happily calls herself mèimei, prays for you. For you to be safe.

Your Daddy is in love with you. From that first day, you captured his heart and he longs for you, longs for you to be home. He started looking for a car that would have room for you, even on the first day he saw you. He’s been preparing and making everything ready for when you come home. He wants you home.

Your mama loves you, I’m so glad you had a happy time, I can’t wait until we can laugh and play together. Tonight, I go to sleep knowing you smiled and enjoyed your birthday. I smiled too. Smiled at the images of you enjoying your special birthday cake. Tonight, I go to sleep, reminding myself this is the last birthday you’ll spend far away from your family. Tonight I’ll rest, knowing you were happy; I’ll rest better when you’re here beside me.  I pray you understand that we are coming for you. We are working so hard to get to you. To be with you.

We’ve loved you from the start baby girl. I can’t explain it, but it’s true.

Happy 10th Birthday sweet Melody Joy.

10th birthday cake! blur blog

One thought on “Loved You from the Start

  1. It’s been beautiful to see this rescuing love in all of you. We are praying and can’t wait to meet this precious one. We love you too, Melody Joy!

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