The day is bright, the sun is shining with all the hope of Christ Jesus.

You’re living in the light of His glory, set apart, made free, washed clean.

Like an unforseen summer storm, the darkness shadows you.

Words pour down, wash over; submerge you in their flood.

Words meant to cut.

Shards of hate

They slice









In a moment, you’re reduced to a state of paralysis.

The ghosts that haunt you emerge from the shadows.

The words that taunt you descend upon your heart.

The condemnation and guilt ravage your mind,

tear your heart,

threaten to wound your soul.

You come to me torn, broken; tattered.

You speak of the skeletons in your closet.

Your guilt

Your Shame

No, my sister, you’ve been washed.

Made clean.

But if you only knew the truth. Of what I was, of the damage done.

If you knew the truth, your eyes would drop.


Look away.

If I told you of my guilt, you may find me guilty.

I look at you, broken before me.

I wonder what could possibly wound you so deeply, strip you so quickly?

You’re strong, you shout the praises of Jesus with exuberance.

What about your past do you think He hasn’t covered?

What about your past do you think I’m going to see

through the flood of the grace of His blood flowing over it?

We sing of being washed, whiter than the snow

We sing of the wonders of being made whole.

You aren’t alone.

I’ve been there too.

Exposed. Ashamed. Not enough. Never enough.

But I’m just a friend and a bad one at that.

How can I help when the enemy strikes so strategically, so precisely, so tenaciously?

When I find you stripped, broken, exposed,

I ask, Why God?

She shines the light of your glory so brightly.


That she might know she is washed.

That she might be made whole.

It’s true, I don’t know your stories

Haven’t heard tales of your deepest, darkest secrets.

If you speak them, I’ll listen.

Listen for the scarlet thread of redemption.

Listen for the jubilant exposure of God’s abundant grace flowing throughout your days.

I pray for you, friend.

For your healing, protection, for salve for your tattered heart;

pierced conscience.

Don’t carry the weight of your guilt.

Jesus has already carried it for you.

When the accuser drips with lies,

Lies disguised in some truth of your guilt – He holds illusions before you.

That sin that shames you?

It’s covered in blood.

Don’t heed these lies.

I know better,

You know better.

You were washed.

You were sanctified.

You were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

You have been made whole.

Who can separate us from such love?


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