Dear America, This Is Not A Game

I look at my soon to be seven year old and I see his face, the face of the 7 year old tortured and killed because he and his family are Christian. His father is said to be one of the strongest Christians in their community, many came to Christ through him.

I hear of Christians unwilling to go to certain places, races or people groups. Their own safety more important than those slipping into hell.  I trust in a sovereign God and know that He will make himself known despite a rich and selfish people who think they know best and will not hear His call. But, I wonder, what will become of such a tight-fisted, self-loving church?

We speak of persecution, of being mistreated, becoming the minority and yet we haven’t truly lived a day of want in our lives. Not if we still have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, not if we still have all our fingers and toes. Not if we still have our 7 year olds.

We say we want to be on fire for Jesus, but what if Jesus asks us to be set on fire for him? What if our faith causes the stomach of our child to be set on fire? Will God be our God then? Will we still bless His name? Will it matter where we live, who we know, what we have? Do we really think, as those who commune with Christ, that we are above such suffering?

After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him. So Jesus said to the Twelve, “Do you want to go away as well?”(John 6:66-67, ESV)

Do you?

Want to turn away?

Will you? Lay it all down?

Maybe it’s time we stop complaining about how the media portrays us, stop complaining that we don’t have enough. Maybe it’s time to stop feeding into our children’s innate desire for more things and start preparing them to stand for the King of Kings.  Instead of marching around in circles proclaiming we’re in The Lord’s Army, maybe we could bend a knee and pray for our brothers and sisters being slaughtered for the name of the Slaughtered One.

I just keep looking at his picture. I can’t get his face out of my mind.




Christian Post Story Here: 7 Year Old Indian Christian Boy Brutally Tortured
Gospel for Asia Story Here: 7 Year Old Boy Tortured, Killed for Being Christian

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