To Do: What the Rich Do Everyday?

Can we have a friendly conversation here?  I don’t usually join heated debates, y’all say crazy things all the time and I just say to myself, “They be crazy!” and keep on scrolling. 

I ran across an article today that I felt conflicted about. I think it’s fair to look at in context and realize it’s coming from Dave Ramsey and his job is to help manage money and give wisdom in that regard. I don’t actually want to talk about whether or not this list is good to follow or if these principles should be integrated into your life, if you want to be rich.

What I’m trying to figure out is what to do with this list in light of a desire to live out the great commission. What of these things would one follow if the goal is to be Christ like? What of this list will not burn away when we stand before God?

What I don’t want to read is about how you worked hard for what you’ve earned and you deserve it. Nebakanezer tried that and he ended up eating grass in the fields.  Where does this list hold up to the missionary in Africa? Where does this list hold up to the family in the church seeking to honor God with all of their lives? If self-improvement is the goal, self-improvement to what end? 

I suppose this is a list looking at what wealthy people do and I am looking for a list of what godly people do. What things on the list would look the same? What things on the list would look different?

I bring this up because articles like these are articles that come across our path all the time in the church. On the surface they seem fine. Many things about them may be fine. Something about this leaves me unsettled.

So, TALK TO ME: If the goal is a life lived out and exhausted solely for the glory of God and the exaltation of Jesus, what do you do with this list?

And Remember: I don’t want to hear why this list is wise for living unless it’s wise for living the goal above!

20 Things the Rich Do Everyday

2 thoughts on “To Do: What the Rich Do Everyday?

  1. I’ve seen lists like this several times in my adult life, and what is a little bit unsettling to me is that a lot of the advice the people in God’s church give is the same as the advice people outside of God’s church give. While things like planning for the future, and having goals are good, how do we respond when God derails our plans and rips up our goals? Are we ultimately here to build wealth, or make disciples? It is an important thing to be a responsible steward, but to what extent to we reprioritize our life to obtain worldly wealth? Michelle and I have had to make several very difficult decisions in order for her to stay at home with the girls, and some of them do the opposite of providing financial freedom.

    That all being said, I do believe it is a good thing to plan for the future, and teach my kids to be fiscally responsible. I’m just more concerned with teaching them how to be disciples of Jesus Christ, so that if I have to prioritize something in our lives, I remember how to approach the dilemma.

    • Thanks for this response Fernando. I agree, we need to be wise in our planning and then hold our plans open before the Lord.

      As in everything balance of priorities are important.

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