Give: Thanks – Pushing Past the Cliche

What to say on this eve of Thanksgiving.

There are thoughts, struggles of the mind and life that form themselves into words as I try to wrestle with, capture and learn from the things I see around me:

You cannot, nor should you seek to be every member of the body. Don’t despise the other members, you need them!

Don’t disregard the asset of your home as an essential location for ministry. Put on a pot of coffee, set another place at the table and look for opportunities. Faith and reality collide here and here the gospel is displayed in living color.

There’s the boy just back from another land, a boy tormented by the crying faces of orphans as they watch his departure. He finds his home and his heart here and yet there is that piece lost to children in a country far away. 

In all of this, two words keep coming into focus, two words pushing past the distracting thoughts:

Give Thanks.

A rich nation, a rich community, a rich girl, such Thanks-giving ought to pour and flow out of such as these. Give Thanks. This command, this simple command is pervasive to the scripture, everywhere we turn we find it. Why the selfishness? Un-thankful. Why the entitled mentality? Thank-less. Why do we, a stubborn people, turn our back on God? It’s all on account of pride swallowing the Thanks-giving in our hearts.

verb present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow: hand to someone: place in someone’s care: grant (permission, opportunity, etc.) to someone: impart or communicate: 
We can give all of these in thanks to God:
  1. We Give: Thanks, voluntarily, not expecting anything in return, just pure gratitude for the abundance bestowed on us.

  2. We Give: Thanks with hands and hearts wide open in praise

  3. We Give: Thanks we place it right in your care, God. We are confused, in pain and suffering, but we trust you with those things and with our Thanks-giving.

  4. We Give: Thanks, do with it as you please in our hearts; in our lives. You are granted permission to take this thanks and run with it into the dark burrows of our hearts and the ugly places of our minds. Turn over stones, shine light.

  5. We Give: Thanks, with our voices to God. The sound of this Thanks-giving coming from our lips is a testimony to our hearts and a sweet sound to our Father. We feel thanks; we speak thanks.
What more can a people give to God than their lives, their hearts, and their lips filled with praise. In your house: give thanks. At your table: give thanks. In far away lands: give thanks. For everything: give thanks. More than a cliche, more than a holiday. How to turn a holiday into a Holy-day? Hearts toward the Father, hearts: giving thanks.



2 thoughts on “Give: Thanks – Pushing Past the Cliche

  1. Soaking this in today! (That could have been a direct quote from my turkey who’s chillin’ in his brine, but nope – it’s me and all the wisdom here!) God always ministers to me with your words, friend. Thank you.

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