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I was thinking this week about all of the ways I have lived my life unconventionally.  Really, if there is a way that old ladies will sit down and tell you this is the way NOT to do it, that’s the way I did it.  I always stay within the lines, but I tend to lean on the odd-ball side of the line.

I was taught at home as a child from Kindergarten all the way until graduation. I never know what to say as I’m standing there listening to people say they don’t want to homeschool because they want their children to function in life and not be social misfits. I am always reluctant to wave my hand and say, I was homeschooled!! I mean, I seem to manage to function in life, but I may be called a social misfit… I meet a lot of public educated adults of which the same could be said. 🙂

I tested out of highschool early and started at Jr. College at 16. Unconventional? Yes. Did it work for me? Yes.

🙂 This one makes me laugh. I also find myself in conversation about someone being very foolish and stupid and marrying at the age of 18. I take more confidence here in saying it worked for me, seeing as how I can show proof of a good marriage far easier than I could prove I’m not a social misfit. 🙂

We married in June and announced our pregnancy in July. We wanted children right away. I wouldn’t do it any different. If you are going to have 6 kids before the age of 30 you have to get to it! Unconventional to be sure.

If there is a crude comment about how babies are made, why don’t you just get cable, etc. I’ve heard it.  I have leniency with old ladies that say this, but if a man makes these comments, I find them very crude and not to be spoken to a lady. Keep your billiard room talk to yourself.  We wanted 8. 6 seems a good, unconventional compromise. 🙂

If being homeschooled isn’t enough to make you odd, reproduce the oddity and homeschool your own children. Not just one, reproduce SIX children and homeschool all of them… UNCONVENTIONAL

We eat weird. Certain children have allergies, certain children have intollerances and have been prescribed a certain diet. We eat unconventionally, but I like it because it keeps us from a lot of junk.

I was raised in a Christian home, I’m married to a pastor, I’m raising my children to know God and have a relationship with Jesus. If you’re going to be a Christian, which is very unpopular these days, you might as well go all out and be a ministry family that eats weird, has 6 kids and homeschools.  Maybe I was destined to be a social misfit!

🙂 Just having fun on a Friday again!  God has been ever so faithful to guide, direct and keep me through all my days and I’m confident He will continue to do so until that great day when I see Him face to face.

Happy Friday!


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