Seen & Heard – Elementary Days


I’m currently living with my 6th toddler. The fact there’s only one toddler could be considered progress! These days, the older kids are often busy with their own activities and I often find myself with 3-10 year olds.  It’s a blessing to go back and live through elementary days..  We spend a lot of time working, playing and living side by side and I’m blessed to be able to spend this time walking through life with these kids.

I ran across this post and I love the intentionality in it. The idea of utilizing this season and the little ones, that are a comfort and joy to the elderly, is fantastic. I remember one day when Timothy was young and we spent some time visiting a nursing home, how blessed a time that was! The investment is small really, but it can go a long way. Stay at home moms, pray about this, this could work!

In the car today, listened to a song dear to my heart and relevant to my current heart stirrings:

The Still Small Voice is still working it’s way in and out with varying levels of success:

  • I apply my musing on being an agreeable wife by arguing passionately a point I could honestly care less about.
  • In my pursuit of living a life of faith, not getting entangled in the little things, I bristle at a rude comment made and respond coldly to the person who dared offend me.

I must respond to the ugly filth revealed in my heart. I must continue to pursue the conquering of these issues. Praying, seeking, reaching higher, forging deeper into the heart of God. What a glorious blessing!

In other news, my boys are going camping with my husband and dad this weekend.  Something about catching fish, camping and eating fish. In October. As the practical one in the bunch, I’m trying not to think of all of the details. Like, for example, what will they eat?

I plan to spend the weekend with my girls and my mom planning my sisters baby shower and hanging out at Hobby Lobby. That beats camping and fishing any day, but especially on a cold October day!

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Seen & Heard – Elementary Days

    • She’s coming! We’re so excited. Hosanna is obsessed with her Auntie and talks about her all day every day. On Tuesday she called her and asked if she could ride in her car when they get here. She’s a planner, that Hosanna.

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