Seen & Heard – Adventures in Identity


Mistaken Identity:

“Our neighbor looks like Si!”

Josiah! Be polite!

“I mean, he’s REALLY lucky!”

🙂 He actually kind of looks like Si, he does have a point.

Brothers Causing Identity Crisis:

Maury is trying to convince Nathan that he is really 5 and we have been tricking him all his life that he is younger than Maury.

Identity Defined:

In our biblical womanhood bible study we were discussing the design of men this week.  On the same day as the study, I came across this article by Tim Challies about a new book, Fierce Women. In the search for biblical womanhood there is a difficulty in keeping the integrity of the woman God has created each of us, but also living that character out in a manner fitting to the call. I haven’t read this book yet, but it looks like the author tackles this issue and displays how women can remain strong and still live in their God given role. The book is $1.99 on the Kindle right now: Fierce Women.

Identity Builders:

Chuck Smith passed away yesterday. My cousin and I were talking about how we owe much of our spiritual heritage and church experience to his ministry and life.  I consider it a great grace to have grown up in the safety and care of the Kingdom and I am thankful for the role that Chuck Smith’s life played in that. God is so good to bring about His great work through worthless men. He sets us up and uses us all in amazing ways that bring great joy and blessing to us and great glory to His name!

Kay Smith has also influenced my life through her book about pastor’s wives. Lifting up prayers for her during this difficult time at this loss of her life’s friend.

Identifying with the Young Males in the Household:

Tonight, I will be throwing a League of Legends Championship party.  Did you know those existed? LOL championships I mean, not parties. I found out they existed and also found out cheapest tickets to attend cost $45 dollars!  Thus, the LOL Championships party was invented.  Some pizza, soda, snacks, candy, 5 or more males locked in my school room overnight… I think this is going to cost more than $45, but it will make a certain young man very happy and he’s earned it this week! 🙂

Happy Friday!


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