Seen & Heard


Hosanna calls the ocean her swimming pool.  She can touch the bottom in her giant swimming pool.  When was the last time you stood before something so magnificent and embraced it as your own? God shows His might, beauty and majesty in His creation, jump in the giant swimming pool He’s created and praise Him!

We began a new women’s study on Tuesday mornings, it seemed rather pointless and simple talking about God’s design for women. Then, I shared how I had been willfully disrespectful to my husband just the day before and we all commiserated with one another. It’s easy to believe in godly womanhood, but when you have the choice to actually live it, it’s not so easy!


I’m getting my oil changed all by myself for the first time ever. Wondering how long it takes because I need to pick Timothy up from class very soon, but I played it cool like I had all the time in the world to just sit here. The cool air and question of whether or not I wanted the television changed was creeply like the dentist. Oil changes and dentistry, don’t like them.

Which reminds me of a thought I had last night, we go to the dentist for our mouth every six months, but we maybe go for an ANNUAL check up for our entire body. That seems oddly skewed.

Happy Friday!

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