The Hidden Art of Doodling Prayer

Edith Shaeffer got straight down to earth in this chapter, just as she has in previous chapters, there were no lofty ideals of contributing to art museums or making masterpieces. The point here, as has been the running theme throughout, is that art was for your enrichment and for the enrichment of those around you. She talked about doodling on your grocery lists, adding a little sketch to place cards at a special dinner, and drawing for children in church to illustrate and  illuminate the sermon.

2013-05-13 06.41.14

At the end, she spoke of drawing and doodling while praying. This reminded me of a special journal from India that I had been given by a dear friend.  I have talked to her about this journal and how I have enjoyed that it had

2013-05-13 06.28.18

no lines so that I could be free and creative in my journaling thoughts and prayers in it. This section caused me to remember that journal that has sat on my desk unused for the last 9 months.  I brought it out this morning to see what I had drawn and I had to laugh.

There was very little drawing in it, the most drawing was simple lines and colored words. I think in words and not pictures so that is fitting for me and I remember these times with this journal, sitting before the Lord in prayer and struggling through some difficult issues in my life.

2013-05-13 06.26.50

I will have to get back to this journal/drawing/prayer and see where God takes me.  Maybe He will give me the gift of a hand that can draw and a brain that can spell! 2013-05-13 06.24.36


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Art of Doodling Prayer

  1. I always wondered what I would do with an unlined journal! Haha It has been years since I’ve this book, so i will pull it off the shelf and read it again. Thanks for the reminder, Julee!! ^_^

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!!! I’ve this a couple of times, but it’s been years and I forgot about it until I read this post. There is something very freeing and childlike about getting outside the box, especially with things that may be really familiar. You are rockin’ the hidden art, friend!

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