Hidden Art – Chapter 2

As I sat staring straight ahead last night, my husband asked me what I was doing. “I’m thinking about this book!” I replied.  I find that I am still trying to wrap my mind around all of this, still trying to grasp what is art, what art is to me. There are things that inspire me but I haven’t posted them because I feel like they are the wrong thing. People inspire me, my kids, the people I interact with.  No one wants to see a blog filled with the constant happenings of someone random kids…
Edith talks about a hidden talent within each of us that needs to be brought out and exercised. Hidden art that needs to be integrated into the daily so that it can grow and blossom.  That is what I was thinking about last night.  What is this hidden art within me, can I make time for it in my life and do I really want to.  Everything always goes back to the great commission for me.  Jesus didn’t say go and preach to all the nations – and make beautiful art!  That isn’t a fair filter at all though, I do a great many things that Jesus didn’t speak of in the great commission, but I don’t think that holding it up next to it for a bit is a foolish idea.  I went to sleep last night with the resolve that this hidden art is ok and can be incorporated into a life – for the Glory of God.  It has to fit in a box somewhere in my head and that is a good box to put it in.

Now to the struggle of hidden art and viewing it around me.  I decided to post the last couple of pictures on my phone because those are the things that inspire me.  When I see my daughter sleeping peacefully, I don’t just think she is cute, I am moved, inspired, these are the things that cause me to think deeper and make me want to write.


As I see her lying here in the morning light, as I see her sleeping peacefully with her chubby little arms tucked under her smooth cheeks, I am moved. God created this little wonder of life and beauty. This is art, the art of the Master.


I counted my pennies to make sure I had enough to buy this box of tea. The fact that I had to sacrifice and consider my actions to purchase this makes it more rare and special to me. This tea has a floral scent and I drink it at nighttime while I read. When I see this box it speaks of peace, deep thought and communion with God. This little box holds so much feeling of beauty and contentment for me.

I don’t know if these things that speak to me in my day to day count as “art.” I don’t know if they qualify to fit in the club, but I supposedly got over that in chapter 1 so, to me, this is art.


8 thoughts on “Hidden Art – Chapter 2

  1. Oh, you and your boxy brain! 🙂 Haha! I love to see what is stirring your thoughts and inspiring you. Some day I will have to share how my “hidden” art led me to share the gospel from Genesis to Revelation with my dad. Literally it was hidden. I was sitting on it…but I’ll save that story for later.

  2. I like Edith’s phrase, “living artistically,” as if it is a constant state of being, not an event that lasts for 45 minutes with a paint brush and a final product. What I’m getting from her is that our appreciation of art — of the beautiful — is also a creative activity. We may not be “doing” anything, but we are intentional, our mind is engaged, we are looking for beauty and acknowledging it as such. Maybe one verse that applies here is the famous one from Paul: “Whatsoever things are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute … if it is excellent and worthy of praise, paint it.” Haha — no, no, he says only to “think on it.” To turn our minds to it. Right now with this book, I’m applying my mind to that concept, that simply thinking of and acknowledging the beautiful, is a creative act in itself.

  3. I think your entire life speaks of art, because when I see all your ways–the way you live, the way you love God, the way you love your husband, the way you love your kids (and I could go on)–I see beauty. I see creativity. I see loveliness.

  4. I think you are on the right track in finding what inspires you in your home and not feeling you have to conform to the ideals and talents of others. That will drive you mad. You should learn to be confident in the things God has opened your eyes to. They are lovely. Little chubby daughters are truly precious and lovely.

  5. I like the different ways everyone in this study is thinking. I think there is a lot of artistry that goes into sharing the gospel and discipling people. That is a great picture of your children painting!

  6. I also appreciate you sharing your efforts to incorporate E.S.’s thesis into your own scheme. It’s not easy for me, either, for different reasons, and I hope I can figure out more about it as we go along.
    Tazo Rest is almost my favorite tea! It was hard to find for a few months – maybe while they were changing the box design it went out of stock in most places. Those rose petals really are very special. 🙂

  7. Yes. Yes. You have the general idea already. I think it will become more clear to you as you read. She’s not saying to drop everything and make art. But as you go along, honor the Creator by expressing and appreciating the gifts He has given you, a beautiful daughter or a cup of tea or whatever.

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