Marriage in the Trenches


I walked right on by it at first, those letters etched into the sidewalk. I had to stop and turn back – wait a minute, did that say… There they were, scratched into the cement, right around the corner from my house. I have run past this token of love many times the last 6 months, run right on by and not seen them there. Funny to find them on today, Valentine’s Day.

Life has been busy, overwhelming, in over our heads, drowning, crazy. We’ve disagreed on very important topics, talking round and round in circles. Sought God, prayed hard and had to wait and still disagree. But you know what? At the end of the day? It’s alright.

It doesn’t matter which decision is the right one and which one is wrong, we won’t be able to decide that in a conversation. But that doesn’t matter. In the end, at the bottom, below the chaos, is a foundation. That foundation is Christ and that foundation holds all the fullness of the Godhead.  What more do we need than a God that is in us, with us, for us?

That’s why we can wake up the next day, after a very difficult day and smile and laugh and go on with life. Christ. The only foundation worth standing on.

And through it all, in it all, God sends these little gifts. Blessings. I was walking at a pace to see it. I had walked too far and it was too hot and I just wanted to get myself home and then there it was. T + J. It’s etched in my heart and there is grass and dirt all around and people step on it and I nearly walked right by it. But it was always there, that which God has joined together and made beautiful.

I have learned and am continuing to learn to discover love in the small things, to make the most of the passing moments. In all the chaos and craziness that is every day for us, God has sustained a deep friendship and love and I have so much fun living life next to my best friend.

My Darling Tony,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for loving God, loving me and loving our family. Thank you for being passionate about God and for being a man of integrity and always keeping your eyes on Him. This has been a hard year for you, you carry many impossible loads and yet you do it all with grace, love and laughter. Thank you for being an excellent father to our clan, for living out what you preach on Sunday morning. Thank you for leading and guiding this family in exploits for the Kingdom.  We proudly battle beside you as you “battle for the souls of men.” Thank you for working hard day and night, day by day without stopping and without complaining. Thank you for being my best friend, for loving me in best and at my worst. For standing by me as I birthed 6, for  always cheering me on, being patient with me and supportive of me. I love you and am so blessed to call you husband!

Yours Truly,


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