What If You Stopped Trying So Hard?

I read this post and my heart beats in understanding, my spirit nods an amen.

This woman. She understands.

She understands that we are women who are so strong and have carried great weights throughout our history. Women, who have labored hard and fought bold and stood by men, friends, children and country and given our all, and yet…

Well, we’re broken. We fall. We fail.

I watch young moms as they struggle along and they compare themselves to each other, they struggle to know what to do, to do right, to be right, to live up to this mysterious standard – they try. so. hard.

I watch other women struggling with their marriages, their teens, their jobs, their frustration within themselves that they are not enough, will never be enough, will never get it right.

What if we were never meant to get it right? What if this toil and trying was meant to draw us closer to Him? What if  we never heard another sermon on the Proverbs 31 woman? What if we never wrote another to do list?

Observe and Understand His Lovingkindness

What if we prayed.

Women don’t need a great _______, they need a great God. Sometimes, instead of seeking another sermon, we need to seek a spirit filled sister. We don’t need to unite for a cause – though we are very gifted and able – we need to unite on our knees.

Can we pray?

Can we admit we don’t have the answers?

Can we embrace the idea that there is none greater than the other, none that knows just what to do, that we’re all women full of heartache, hardship and sin?

I stood with a dear friend of mine yesterday, I just “happened upon” her there in that restaurant. She was overwhelmed, she was concerned, she had real and valid right to panic. What could I do? I did what she has done countless times for me. Right there in that restaurant, I hugged her, hugged her long and prayed right out loud for her. If I have learned nothing else this year, I have learned this:

I serve my Maker. The Sovereign One. The Creator of heaven and earth. The Ageless One. The Beginning and End. Omnipotent… On and on it goes the list, these titles of this great big GOD that has


Who needs a list or a lecture when Jesus has paid to give us access to the Great and Mighty?

What if?


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