Seasons Change and So Do We


My mom says that I raised him.

This isn’t really true, although there was a season when I took a lot of responsibility and care for this brother of mine. I clearly remember the healthy break when my mom stepped in and took her place back, the shifting of authority. I wasn’t in charge of him anymore and that made me angry.  But, this was just a season and it passed as seasons do, so I wouldn’t say I raised him.

I was always harder on him after that though. I felt that I had taught him well and expected much from this heart child.

Six years apart, I grew older and started my own life. Josh was 12 when my first child was born. A fact that I mentioned to this child when he was 12 as I commented on their bond as uncle and nephew. They’ve known each other since childhood and they have common interests and that makes me smile.

Today, my baby brother will pack up his car and move his sweet family to Colorado. We hugged long last night and the goodbyes were bitter sweet.

I have high hopes for him. I think he will do well. I pray that this is just what he needs. God has been stirring and tugging in his heart lately and I know that He will be faithful to meet my brother out there in Colorado.

So here’s to my brother Josh and his wife Heidi. May God go with you and may our relationships deepen as we connect from afar. This is just another season, another shift of authority. You go with God so I know you go well.

I love you, my dear baby brother.


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