Rahab in 4 Parts – Rahab was a Complex Woman

We recently had a women’s retreat at For His Glory Community Church (AKA FHG or FGHCC if you are really eager).  I had the privilege of studying the life of Rahab through the lens of redemption for this retreat.  In the next 4 posts, I’d like to share some of the things I learned from Joshua 2.

Rahab was a complex woman

 QUESTION: Who was Rahab: 

  • Rahab was a prostitute
  • Liar
  • She thought quick on her feet
  • Persuasive (she was able to lead the king’s mean on a wild goose chase – hurry, go quickly so you can overtake them.)
  • She had a rope that was long enough for men to climb down the city wall
  • She new how to hide men quickly (think she had needed to do that before?)
  • She testified of God
  • Made pacts to save her family
  • In the hall of faith
  • In the lineage of Jesus

If there was ever a complex woman, Rahab was it. We can find hope in that fact because some of us were manipulators, controlling, skilled at evil and sin. Many of us have have a list of traits in our pasts that label us, follow us and condemn us.

Maybe we don’t know about being a bottom feeder of society and maybe we don’t know what it means to live as a prostitute. Maybe we can’t relate to selling ourselves, but we can relate to being totally lost and totally without help outside of Jesus. We can relate to faith, faith that causes you to hang on tight to God, to lay everything on the line to just grasp onto Him.  Even when the walls of our world are crumbling down around us, even when our family is at stake, even when we seem to have lost all hope, even when the gates of the city have been closed and there is no way out. We can throw our scarlet cord out the window and hold onto faith in God who intervenes in the life of a prostitute, in the life of not very good spies, and in the life of ordinary women to lead and guide them to himself and his perfect will.


To be Redeemed means to be free, loosed from chains, have a ransom paid for, to atone. When God redeems us through the blood of His son, that list of descriptive titles, those condemning labels get washed away. His blood washes us and makes us clean.  His redemption gives us new life and hope in Him. Rahab was a complex woman, but at the end of Joshua 2, she is a free and redeemed woman.


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