When What You Really Need Is Toilet Paper

Everyone is so very gracious and asking if they can do anything for us and I think, how can I ask someone to get toilet paper, because if you want to be practical that is what is needed most right now.

Sometimes, you get to the place where a trip to the store is the last item on the list and the toilet paper runs out and the patience wears down and you’re left with nothing but cardboard rolls.

I say I believe that God is sovereign, but when the details get too difficult and the unknowns overwhelm the knowns, do I trust Him to come through.

If I wait one day so many answers are going to fall into place and I’m going to see Him work in a bunch of intricate details in my life, but can I trust Him in the waiting and can I hold on to these cardboard rolls a bit longer, knowing He will provide all that is necessary.

When my chest is tight and my world threatens to turn black and I have to work for each breath and I don’t know if there is hope or light, can I trust Him still?

Then, there He is with the person at the right time and the Sunday morning breakfast and the second grade math book – half used, exactly where I need it and the basket filled with love and care and – toilet paper.

They brought toilet paper. Who brings toilet paper?

And I smile big and laugh loud, the Pastor and I exclaim over the abundant love and care poured on us by those who don’t have any more to give than we do, those that are struggling alongside us, those gracious and blessed souls that we are astonished are by our sides.

God is there in a million different ways, when I am holding on by a thread and when I am overjoyed with blessing,

He is God.

He is in control.


3 thoughts on “When What You Really Need Is Toilet Paper

  1. God’s goodness is always there, limitless, and often acted out by others. When Karl & I were first married and I became (temporarily) physically unable to work & Karl’s job went sideways, I was so blessed and grateful for the times that a “fully-anointed” bag of groceries would show up on our doorstep. I am thankful for your “anointed” t.p., that gave you some encouragement in the midst of all that is overwhelming you at this time.
    With love, hugs, and prayer. ❤

  2. This has actually happened to me. A really good friend brought me toilet paper. I had run out if it, run out of tissues and was considering paper towels when this friend came through. I could afford toilet paper monetarily but time? No that I did not have. I love when God meets our needs like this.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post! I have experienced this type of provision from God countless times over the years. The most unlikely things, i.e. Toilet Paper! Shampoo and Conditioner, groceries, prescriptions, even a car once! All because He loves us. When I was living in Vegas, I was longing for company and fellowship with someone, anyone over the age of 40! God provided that for me, and honestly, I wasn’t even something I had given in prayer, He knew. So go forth little warrior, and when the roll starts running low and you fear you will be stranded in the bathroom, you can pray for toilet paper!

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