Grace, It’s All Grace

Isn’t it nice that we aren’t fighting like cats and dogs today?

I ask this question with a knowing grin on my face and a gleam in my eye. What a relief that those days had past. Just a few days into December and every interaction resulted in frustration, anger and tears. So unusual for our relationship and I felt so stuck, so swept away in the feelings. Like, no matter what I did, my mind was programmed to fight and it seemed every time we were in the same room together the result was a verbal scuffle.

What do you do when you are celebrating God’s gift come down, hope and life for the world and your world is in upheaval?

Well, I can tell you what I did. I cried a lot.

As much as I tried to walk away, I kept coming back to discuss more and cry more. There is that fine line between talking something through until it is resolved and beating a dead horse.

I prayed, often through tears, but prayed none the less. I sent a text to my friend: “Can you please pray for me? I’m having a hard time getting along with this man.” 🙂

Through the discussion, the arguing and the tears, we drew closer and we learned some things. You see, when you pick up your roots and move, even if it’s just down the block, the roots take some time to refasten themselves. Digging into this new soil and learning how to live and thrive – well, it can get messy sometimes.

We did make some ground, even though it was work. So, our house is peaceful now and we continue on in our Christmas season. I tell you this because I told you I would be honest and show you how we celebrate. Or not. Sometimes you can’t celebrate because real life gets in the way of the holly jolly.

And that’s what’s really real.





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