The Dance of a Lifetime

Watching a mama I love dance her final dance with her son on his wedding day, knowing about all the days that led to it, caused the tears to flow freely tonight.

Joy burst forth at a job complete, sadness flowed with the thought of a chapter closing.

How many frustrated days of tears and failure?

How many hours spent on knees in repentant and pleading prayer?

How many bursting with praise, happy moments?

How many jammies, lunches, scrapes and smiles and laughter, led to this day?

A mother flows forth in love, anger, laughter and frustration all in an attempt to figure out who she is, who this child who has come forth from her is and will be and who is this One who gifted this child to her.

Life is messy and motherhood is messier still. Without the firm grasp of the Savior’s hand and a constant flow of prayer, the weight of motherhood would be crushingly fearful. But, we serve a great and faithful God who sees us through to the end in victory.

So, the tears stream at the small glimpse of the depth of life contained in a wedding dance.

By God’s grace, a job well done my friend. By God’s grace, I will continue to press on in the difficult days of motherhood in the hope of His reward.


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