31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 30

“My family has decided to have a harvest festival at our house on Halloween night to engage the community. This is a great opportunity because lots of people are coming right to our door. When people come to our house it will be a great time to meet them and invite them to church. ” An excerpt from an essay by Katie Ann

There was much discussion at our house about Halloween and if it should be celebrated. The consensus in the end was to use it as an opportunity to be on mission right at home.  It began with a family meeting to decide what to include in our little “festival.”

It has been fun to be in project mode again! It’s been a long, long time. With it comes the chaos, frustration, paint on clothing, lost tortoises, frustrated dads at Walmart… 🙂 But, everyone is involved, everyone is pitching in and everyone is embracing the project. Lots of FUN and HARD WORK TOGETHER!


We are so blessed that people from church are coming to help. We need them! Look at all that candy! If my neighbors are correct, there is the possibility of 1,000+ people coming through our street. That is CRAZY!

I will definitely treasure the memories of these small church days where we do crazy things like setting up booths in our front yard on Halloween!


Instead of ignoring this holiday for ghosts and demons, a good alternative is to leap at the opportunity and meet people and invite them to church.” Katie Ann



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