31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 27


Today felt like an ordinary day. Ordinary is very nice.

In the morning, walked over to the Claremont Village Venture and watched the costume parade and walked around the booths.

Then, Tony studied and worked and the rest of us did whatever we pleased. The kids played legos, worked on a 1000 piece Civil War puzzle and just did nothing.

We ate dinner outside and afterwards all 6 of the kids had a light saber battle before going upstairs to the attic to watch a movie and sleep. I was able to get some things ready for church tomorrow in a leisurely manner so it won’t be so hectic tomorrow.

I’m thankful to have some mellow days to live life unhurried.

I read my Oh Life! Email Journal and my Timehop email for this day, last year and overwhelmed seems like a common thing for me at this time of year. I found that very interesting.

Timehop: “My flesh feels the pain, My heart feels the weight, My soul feels the longing, My mind knows I’m not enough, And yet, with all my being, I know this call is worth it.

Oh Life: “Housework to do.  Can’t keep up with relationships and housework, school work, ministry…”

If I’m crazy as a pattern that makes me feel better…

hmm that sounds a bit crazy.



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