Joy in the Suffering – Lessons I’ve Learned from the Hurting.

Have you ever wondered why God allows suffering?
He does allow it you know,
He’s the Lord of Lord and King of Kings
If He just stands by, what kind of power does that show?

Have you ever thought:

You give and take away,
But my heart will sometimes say – WHY?
God, I want to bless your name,
But I want my loved one all the same?

What of the mother,
Who sits in the room alone.
Her child gone from her,
Her aching heart weighs heavy as stone.

Or, the father who in silence mourns.
Joyless, life is lived in toil,
Broken, heart now torn
Beneath the surface, the anger boils

I don’t have words to say to take the hurt away.
I can’t bring understanding of God’s will and plan.
I can only sit by their side and cry as I pray.
Holding on to faith that God holds them in His hand.

You see, there’s a weight I carry
One for which I dare not complain
It’s a privilege really,
Walking by others in deep, deep pain.

I dare not voice the fear,
That I too might lose the ones I love.
But as I look into the mirror,
I know that there’s nothing that makes me above  – that pain

Here is what I’ve learned from my friends gone before;
Success is not to walk through life and escape great loss,
Success holds so much more
True success is when you’ve suffered loss,

But chosen to hold on to hope in the Most High
Stand among the believers with hands raised to the sky,
Tears streaming from your eyes,
As you cry:

Blessed be your name, I will praise you still.
God, I don’t understand, but I will praise you still

You are the Lord of Lords, and the King of Kings
You hold eternity in your hands, You are the everlasting .

You allowed your son to suffer for me
And though I can’t see,
How this suffering can be in your will,
I will praise you still.


One thought on “Joy in the Suffering – Lessons I’ve Learned from the Hurting.

  1. My beautiful friend…tears as I read this…thank you for standing in the gap and praying for our family as we grieve the loss of our girl. Sooo beautifully written. Love you!!

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