31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 26

“Jerry, is Dad still alive?”

Not sure he’d heard her, he asks what she said.

“Is Dad still alive?”

He answered her gently in the negative.

This was an interaction between my Grandma and Grandpa that my mom texted to me tonight.  She’d just had another seizure episode which always leaves her confused.  My Grandpa, who has always been a bit gruff, is caring for her so tenderly in these painful and confusing issues.

Watching this from afar is heartbreaking. Watching it in person, like my mom, is heartbreaking.

This isn’t a joyful moment, but it’s a real life moment. These heart-wrenching, difficult times are all a part of the moments to be treasured. All part of what comes together and makes up – life.

May we see the deeper beauty in the times filled with tears. May we hold up to the Light our moments, dark and deep, in surrender and trust. May that be our expression of worship.


One thought on “31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 26

  1. Treasured because it is precious to see grandpa like this. Heartbreaking to see grandma like this. You have been such an encouragement. You might not be here but you are helping carry the load. Love you girlie!

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