31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 23


I went to the store with these two today. I have to admit, I was a little bit intimidated to do so by myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve had two little ones to take care of all by myself!

I was carrying her and she asked to get down so she could hold his hand and walk. They were so sweet together. They were helpful, wanting to please and looked out for each other.

This was a simple moment, but so eye opening and treasurable. When I returned home, I reported to Tony that they are very sweet kids.

When the olders grow up and go off, I suppose it will be the youngers and I for a while. 🙂

I was blessed to spend time with my two youngest treasures today.

—- In Other Blessings —–

When we moved into this house we wanted it to be a place of ministry. Part of the reason I try to keep myself on a strict routine (besides the fact that it’s the only way I function sanely) is so that we can have people stop by and be ready and prepared.  I am not always successful in this area, for reasons I’m sure you can imagine.

Today we had 3 happenings and I was blessed to have the home, time and opportunity to provide a place for these things.

  1. A man from our church stopped by, he and Tony talked an prayed together and had a nice time.
  2. An hour later Tony’s boss came by, they had never met in person and it was nice to have him come to the school room and introduce our children. Everyone did splendidly, greeting him and not saying or doing anything outrageous! 🙂
  3. Tony has an elders meeting here tonight. The kids and I are tucked away upstairs and they have privacy and room to meet. I am really excited about this down time right now, I really like being stuck in the attic!

I am so happy that we can have space to do these things and that Tony’s schedule can be at home and flexible to be in charge of his own schedule. I am always telling my oldest that his Dad had to work hard and for a long time to be able to be at this place, but that is another rant. 🙂

ALSO, we had a chance to tour the BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL school that we are going to be renting for church services. It is all God that we are able to meet in such a nice school for a nice price! We are praying that we can be a blessing to the school and that we’ll be able to meet for years to come!


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