31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 17

You’re really great at making friends, I compliment him. A praise that holds more depth than he will ever know. This one whom we’ve cried, worried and prayed over. This one who caused our life to stand still for more than a year, who impacted our parenting, our eating, our budget, our view of life for all time. He carries few traces now of the vise that gripped him and kept him from me as a small child.

20121017-183906.jpgAll of that is mostly behind us now, just some remnants in lifestyle remain and a deeper heart for parents and children with special needs. Why we escaped and slipped by I do not know, but I praise God for it and try to use our experience for His glory.

He responds to me in earnest: “Now I have 11 friends! Mom, you know how it all started? With just one word – hi. He said hi to me.”

I smile as I thank God for his progress and the simple truth that I have found penetrating my life since our move. All it takes is one word – “Hi.” I attended a conference recently that taught me this same concept, that reaching people in my community really just requires relationship, reaching out right where people are at.

Thankful today for simple lessons learned from my sweet Nathan boy. Seven years old is a wise old age after all.


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