31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 10

My cousin, Briana, is writing on 31 Days of Focusing on Humility. Although I find this a rather brave move on her part, it has sparked some thought and conversation over the last few days.

I know this post appears long, but any post that begins by talking about humility has to be headed in a direction of something humiliating right? I fear I will not disappoint you.

Anyway, as I was at the Resurgence Conference I saw a few mothers there with their little ones. I have great compassion for wives/moms on the sidelines having lived there for many years. Throughout the conference I was praying for these women, because I know how hard it can be.

Near the end of one of the studies I felt the Lord asking me to go and let a specific mom know that I was praying for her. I wasn’t too happy about this, but Miles McPherson had just been teaching that loving God equals obedience so up out of my chair I went.

As I went, I became nervous and when I reached her I said some crazy things that must have come across as a crazy stalker lady rather than a word of encouragement, judging by the odd look she gave me. We spoke briefly and then I went my embarrassed way.

I wrestled with the point of that odd and seeming unfruitful assignment, but kept reminding myself that I had been obedient.

Then, I sat through another study and it all came together. Craig Groeschel shared that failing is a necessity to learn and grow and often the first step in something greater that God wants to do. He illustrated that we need to shake it off and step up to the next thing God calls us to.

So here I am in the study thinking:

God, do I REALLY have to treasure this moment of failure?

Would you have treasured it and shared it if it had gone well?


God, it will be embarrassing!

Do you want to learn humility?

God, people will think the story is lame.

Do you want to learn humility?

So there you have it. I obeyed. I felt stupid. God spoke to my heart and I learned far more about trusting Him this way than I would have if she had responded well.

I will take that humiliating moment and treasure it.


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