31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 9

Spent the day at the Resurgence Conference. I don’t have a specific moment that stood out as profound to me, the “moment” was much more subtle, more like a movement.

It isn’t a secret that there was no one I was really excited about hearing speak, none of these speakers are on my “I’d love to hear them live” list. This indifference, along with the spirit and intention of the event, freed me to hear each speaker with an open mind and no expectations.

The diversity of the speakers was fairy vast and I deeply appreciated that. As someone who has just jumped out of their church nest, still in a free fall of sorts, it was refreshing to be able to grasp twigs from the various branches of ministry. Don’t get me wrong, this eclectic manner is no way to live a christian life, but this was simply a conference. I am grateful that Resurgence has the courage to cross boundaries and lines, yet always staying under the covering umbrella of the gospel and all that it stands for.

A summary of the day from my perspective:

Greg Laurie – A part of my roots and heritage, it made me very happy to hear him preach.

Lecrae -Engaging the culture in a down to earth way and with his children, something I strive to do.

Nick Vujicic – His team once played a very special part in my husband’s ministry, it will show up in the heaven files for sure.

Rick Warren – Practical advice for practical ministry. I have ignored the stories surrounding him and so today I was able to enjoy him in peace. Guess what? He preached the same gospel, he’s on my ok list today. 🙂

Mark Driscoll shared this morning about why he gathered these specific men as he was talking about the church grouping into tribes. It reminded me a lot of our recent Corinthians study – I am of Paul, I am of Apollos and the resounding cry from each man’s heart and mouth today was this:


And their lives speak it. Their ministries preach it, they have devoted all to this cause of the fame of His name.

Each in their own way.

Each with their own call.

Each with their own weaknesses and struggles.

Each with the same goal: To preach Jesus, and Him crucified.

That theme wove it’s way through the day and into my heart and it made me smile.



2 thoughts on “31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 9

  1. A great example of one body functioning together for the same purpose. Everyone presenting their own gifts for the glory of God! Amen!

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