31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 7

It seems Pollyannistic, all this treasured moment seeking.

When I think back on this day with the farmers market, the birthday celebration with family, the joyful reunion of brothers, the richness is over abundant and too much to choose from.  These days of abundant harvest of joy are threatened by an encroaching guilt about embracing it all joyfully, knowing that there are others hurting, wounded, bleeding even as I laugh.

In ministry I have had the privilege,weight,call,load,gift to walk alongside some people in their darkest moments. As I think of the back stories that I know, stories that can only be lightened by the washing of Christ’s blood over them, the list grows long. We cry out to Him as our body groans for the joy to come. How can all of this joy and pain, darkness and light coexist?

This struggle is not a new one, I’ve talked of this before, but this time is different. Never before have I woken up each morning looking, seeking, searching out the grace laced moments of joy.

As I thought about all of this tonight, I gained a little perspective and it went like this.

I was created by God.

He has lived in eternities past and into eternities future.

Stop. Ponder that for a moment.

Mankind here on earth is a blip on that timeline.

My short life is a smaller blip in the scheme of mankind.

This day was a speck in that life.

That God of eternities past and future, appointed this day to be lived by me.

The God of all creation, appointed this day to be lived by me.

He    appointed    this   day.

How dare I not live it to the fullest and turn each night, each hour, each moment and point it all back in praise of Him?

Each day is a gift, sometimes they shine with light and other times it seems as black as night, but each and every day belongs to Him

And so, in obedience, faith and in deep gratitude, I turn my eyes to Him in thanksgiving once again.

Let our God be Magnified.


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