31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 5

I walked into the office ready to write about the treasured time in the car dropping off Josiah for a weekend outreach in Napa. He was excited for the trip and we were excited for him and everyone rose early to see him off.


Little did I know, as I walked into my office, what God was orchestrating  upstairs.

Upstairs, a conversation was going on, a life changing conversation.

Katie Ann was showing her brothers her stuffed animal from Miss Peggy. Maury wanted to know who Miss Peggy was and Katie Ann explained that she was Mr. Maury’s wife that had died. Nathan wanted to know if she was saved, was glad that she was and remarked that he was glad that he had already: “Asked Jesus into my heart.”

Maury replied: “So have I!” and then in a voice of concern, “Wait! No I haven’t!”

After an invitation from his sister, he decided to come down to his dad’s office and let him know he was ready to “Ask Jesus into my heart.”

We had talked to him about this a couple of times in the last few weeks as he has recently begun to show an interest in the things of God. When given the chance to pray at those times he always declined.

Like the birth of a child that comes at the time God deems right, so too new birth of spirit comes as He bids.

With a clear voice and in the presence of his siblings he repeated a prayer after his father, and then, added a prayer of his own at the end.

He took it so seriously, the Pastor led him in a rather lengthy sinners prayer and he was engaged through the entire thing! To experience with my own son the planting of seeds later to be brought to life at God’s appointed time was so neat to be a part of.

And I can’t help but think how very special that his namesake’s wife, my dear sweet Peggy, had a part in his new birth story.

Now THAT is a moment to treasure!



6 thoughts on “31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 5

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  2. Well, now that is just wonderful! As Pastor Maury would say. 🙂 Should have told me today while I was there so I could have given him a big hug and slobbery grandma kiss. Or was that tonight after I left? Cool.

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