31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 1

I walked in and saw you sitting there smiling at me in all your boyish manliness and I was overwhelmed. Your eyes were shining with joy and acceptance of me, a look I saw often when you were a small boy and the idea of your mom joining you in your room was a welcome idea.

I asked you to play and sing for me and I could tell you were embarrassed, but you really wanted to do it. Tears filled my eyes as I watched you play and sing to our God. You looked so handsome sitting there and somehow the struggles we have been through to get you here to the age of 13 seemed to fade into the distance and in it’s place was HOPE.



One thought on “31 Days of Moments Treasured – Day 1

  1. So sweet. 🙂 What a gift you are to each other and to Christ. Bella said recently she missed when I drop her off at school because she’s afraid she will forget me saying, “I love you! Have a nice day!” Little does she know, she’ll soon be {inserting eye rolls here and there and everywhere!} and asking me to drop her off around the corner!

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