In Sadness and in Joy – A Remembrance

I was thinking of this old post today from my blog Discovering Nathan.  I was thinking that there must be many people who did not have the privilege of knowing Peggy, even as they are blessed by Pastor Maury Evans.  This post is from the day of her passing, I pray that you will be blessed as you get a glimpse of the beautiful woman behind a great man.


We had quite a shock today with the passing of a dear friend of ours. Peggy Evans, the wife of Maury Evans passed away today due to a heart attack. Maury Evans is of course who we named our little Maury after and this couple certainly means a lot to us.

I was thinking today of my moments with Peggy through the years. I was privileged in my newlywed days to be a part of a small study that Peggy led for wives. It was a unique group of older women and younger women and it shaped much of what I believe as a wife today. I have been meaning to get out my notes from that group because I want to write a “Marriage: What I’ve Learned 10 Years and 5 Kids Later” pamphlet. I have been planning to use my notes from that study and I will be reading them as if they were a precious treasure of wisdom now.

One of my favorite Peggy quotes from that study was this: “No decision is a decision.” She was wise and witty and I always found myself thinking on her words long after I’d spent time with her.

One of my favorite Peggy stories is when we gave them a video to tell them we were naming our son Maury. Maury got up and called us and said what a great video before he watched the whole thing only to have Peggy have to explain to him that “I think this means they are naming their son after you!” 🙂 He didn’t believe her and then brought the subject up again at breakfast: “They wouldn’t joke about a thing like that would they?!” 🙂

More than once after having a baby or some other big life event, I would walk up to my porch to find flowers delivered from the Evans. Big beautiful bouquets that would make me smile during my groggy postpartum daze. We have special stuffed animals, an enchanting Christmas globe, and little Maury even has a singing piggy bank of coins all from Maury and Peggy.

My kids have memories of going to plant flowers and do yard work over at the Evan’s house which they had a great time doing. Timothy used that time to ask Maury some deep spiritual questions when he was trying to come to terms with Nathan having autism.

I guess what I am trying to say is that although I didn’t spend an abundant amount of time with Peggy, the moments that I did spend with her or was impacted by her were special and as I look around my house there are many, many reminders of a special woman who served God in a special way.

My heart breaks for Maury and this road he must walk. I try not to let my mind go down those paths, I will delve into those feelings at some time for sure, but for now, I will think on these memories and praise God for a life well lived.

– Julee


4 thoughts on “In Sadness and in Joy – A Remembrance

  1. How wonderfully you described Peggy. I thought with time I would miss her less but that’s not the case. I miss her terribly. Both Peggy and Maury were/are such examples to Ken and me. We still say “what would Maury and Peggy do” when faced with various decisions and circumstances. I know what you mean about seeing Peggy’s thumb prints everywhere. That’s the same with us. I received a Thank You card two days after she passed. That means she mailed it the day of her passing. Even as poorly as she must have felt, she took the time, made the effort to show her love in a thousand small ways. I’ve learned much but have much more to learn from her yet. I love her and I miss her.

  2. What a beautiful remembrance, Julee. Thank you for sharing!

    I didn’t know Peggy as well as I know Pastor Maury, but I have a favorite story as well. We heard the news of her passing that fateful morning. That same afternoon, I received a handwritten card from Peggy in the mail! It was surreal to read it, knowing that she was in heaven!

    She wrote that she couldn’t wait to return to church and worship with everyone again. I had to smile…she never made it back to our church, but she was worshiping with a heavenly choir in the presence of Glory! I still treasure that little note from her….

  3. When I worked in the church Cafe I got to know Peggy pretty well. She was warm and friendly. Always had a kind word. I would love to sit near her during the Womens Retreat. She and Jeannette Underwood would give such wise advise. Things I will remember forever. I used to pray for her knees to be healed. I imagine she is just on those gloried knees praising JESUS

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