I write this cautiously, nervously. If the names are changed, will the innocent still be protected? Can there be anyone truly innocent in a situation that injured so greatly?

You see, it happened like this. I was healed and whole and carrying on just fine.  It no longer mattered that our motives had been questioned, our character aspersed. The repercussions of lost relationships were healing, slowly, through the YEARS -healing.

All it took was one word and all of it came back. Wound ripped open, blood flowing, heart pounding – it all came back. They say time heals all wounds, I think in time wounds just get buried and cluttered only to be later dug out.

How do you respond when you’ve been blindsided, misunderstood, played for a fool? How do you make peace when the other side only takes jabs.

God is moving me forward and as He does, He is stirring up things from the past.  What will you do with this my child?  How will you respond to this other hurting child of mine that is lashing out? Do you think that you will not encounter more like these?

Sometimes, it seems that the shield of faith is to guard against your fellow brother who has turned against you in battle. Will I keep my eyes on my Captain or get distracted by the sword of scripture being thrown at me in sarcasm?

Lead on Lord and I will follow. Guard my heart and my mind from the things of the flesh. May your wisdom flow forth from me and your words be on my lips. May I use your holy scripture as a means to build up your people and not to destroy. Heal me, cleanse me and give me peace.



3 thoughts on “Wounded

  1. Very well said. I commend you for being able to soul search and speak your heart so eloquently, even when injured and hurting. I hate it when the Word of God is used in that manner, it’s, well, blasphemous. You’re a precious child of God, and like you told me the other day… you have the Lord, you have a family that loves and adores you, and those people have nothing over you! May the Lord bless you!

  2. WOW! I could only wish my heart and mind came together like this. In matters of scripture being used to put me in my place I felt ashamed and unprepared. I know I have the Lord in my heart but I’m not as quick as some to use scripture in my own defense… This was so well stated and I am so sorry for whatever it is that is attacking you. You have always been an inspiration and promising example of what a daughter, sister, and mom should resemble. May God Bless you always. ❤

  3. Jesus is a gentleman…………….Miss you julee..You and Tony have been a big part in Cora’s walk with the
    Lord….Never judging her when she fell, but picking her up in Love as our Father picks us up when we are down……praying for your sweet family and the church that HE is going to Bless you with……….

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