Moments… Noted and Treasured

Life has been so full and bright and hope filled. God has blessed us abundantly. I have captured many sweet moments in my heart, I think of Mary treasuring moments in her heart and pondering them. Here are some moments that I’ve treasured recently.

 Boyish laughter and playing have filled the porch lately. These creatures I find all about my house, you save your money for them. Money that you earn by taking out the trash several times a day.  You two brothers work together on this and you work hard and faithfully.

You 4 all dressed up and excited to go to Legoland. Her as she is one of the group, but still stands apart in her own way, still learning how to squeeze in tight with the gang.

 The brothers almost twins. He sometimes makes up for your lack and you need him, you need each other. God brought this one for you and you for him.

 You all grown up and still a boy. The give and take, the roller coaster emotions as you break forth into a man and yet you are my baby still.

 I had to fight to get you on this ride. The fierce mama feelings don’t rise up very often, but I have fought for you before and I will fight for you still.
 We got to go on this ride alone, just you and me. My baby before the baby came, the youngest boy. You are still tender and sweet, you will still snuggle close and hug me. You’ll be an independent boy soon and not have time to follow your mama around, but I have a feeling we shall always cook together.

 You are smart, too smart at times for me to keep up with,  you amaze me with your quick ability to discover patterns and math. Your eyes alight with laughter and joy and you love a good joke. I have to keep on track and work at it a bit, but these days are good and happy days.

 You on the train all about your sister’s joy and happiness. You also are finding your place – between girlhood and womanhood, as many times as I find you out running with the boys, I find you inside sewing and helping and loving.

 You help with your sister. Far more than you should and yet you know nothing less than giving all of yourself for those you love. Your heart is big and your love is deep.

 You were all a bit mischievous making those faces at all the security cameras and making the ride operators laugh. It delighted my heart to see you so happy and acting so goofy!


You were there in the front and you decided to punch at the air at all the bad guys on the ride. I saw you there riding with my mama and determined to capture the moment and memory of you two in my mind to bring up and treasure later – much later when you were both much older. You are a rascal and yet you have captured the heart of these two mamas and we do love you so.

I didn’t see this moment, but discovered it – a moment captured by a sibling of yours.  It reminds me of a picture of myself from long ago. You there with the monkey Grandma bought you. You surveyed every animal and then grabbed this one and hugged it close, much like I do with you so often because you are at such a chubby stage.


 You teaching her as you walk and learn and grow. You watch out for her and fight with her and care for her with a tender care.  You are her closest sibling and you will carry many life memories together.

 And you who have burst forth with personality and opinion lately. You found a confidence and a thing that was your in the midst of this large family. God gave it to you and you are too young to understand it and yet you try. You try to be faithful and make the hard decisions and go to outreaches when you want to play on the porch and I am so proud of you.

 And you all together discovering and learning all on your own. Soon the bigs will go off to college and be busy and these kid moments will be over. Even now, everyone is going their own directions and yet when we come together there are moments like these with you all working together to discover life.

 You two. So alike in looks and humor. You both love to laugh and I can always capture a picture just like this all natural and joy filled.

 You up there on his shoulders directing and bossing everyone around, but still smiling for a “cheese.” Yes, I want to remember these moments.

 You can make a face just like your monkey, and you get into everything and always have a dirty face and you love to act like a dog.  I don’t want to forget these things that are – You.

 You have all taken to watching tv in your room before bed. You consider it a special treat for those nights when Daddy is out. I worry about it. Worry that it happens too often and that I am just stuffing you in there to gain my own peace.  You on the other hand, love it and look forward to this grand privilege.

 And then there was you turning 13 and the traditional family breakfast with the gifts at your place when you woke up.  How many more of these will we have with you at our birthday present tableclothed table? Your siblings gathered round and offered the gifts they had gathered from their hearts or their humor and humor them you did.  I love that about you, you are very good at that.

 And you all excited and confident as I told you goodbye.  You called me from Arizona crying on this night, but here you were sure that you would not miss me and the good food would hold you over until we met again.

 You as you thanked me for taking you to see dinosaurs for the first time, I was also there the first time you went to a zoo. I am always amazed at all you’ve done and have never done all at the same time! 🙂 

We said cheese for far too long as the lady counted far too slowly.  It was a simple day filled with simple pleasures and yet it was joy and laughter because it was spent with you.  We talked about nothing and everything and we prayed and dreamed… pretty much the way it’s always been. That’s me and you.

 So many moments and the month is only half way through. God you have blessed me and shown me your love through your graciousness and abundant generosity. I discover new things about You everyday and if I searched my whole life I would never discover the depth and width and height of You and yet my heart bids me try. I love you and you have loved me with an everlasting love and I will pour out my days for Your glory and praise.


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