Remember the Reason for the Season

Remember the reason for the season
That’s what they tell me
So, I’ve been thinking hard – about the season.
This season – It now begins on an October day
Revs up on black Friday
Comes with a flurry every December Day
This holiday – that is also supposed to transform into aHoly – day
You see, I’ve been mulling over this baby come down.
Why have Jesus come as a baby anyway?
IT seems such a simple way
Christmas doesn’t strike me like Resurrection Day
You’re a scrooge you might say.

Another thing that makes me wonder about this season – Andit’s reason,
Is Life.
Life isn’t a respecter of seasons
I’ve attended birthday parties and spoken at a funeral.
I’ve prayed for hurting, aching people
 And cried tears ofjoy at a wedding
-All – in this season
Is this birth an event?
A reason to have a season?
or is this birth a means to an end?
Why send him to the womb if he fate was a tomb?
My mind can accept that propitiation for our sins before aholy God.
Requires Jesus to be fully man
Yeah, my mind and my head can nod,
but my heart still wonders if there’s a deeper plan
The mama in me,
Longs to hold this savior child close
To feel  his softskin.
To look into the depths of his glassy eyes
Eyes – that have seen the depths of my sin and yet neverdespise.
To hold his delicate hand
A hand that will bear scars for me and still care to reachout to me.
To Smell tiny feet
Feet that will one day be pierced through for me. And foryou.
To put my hand on his side and snuggle him close – A sidethat holds me close, even when I doubt.
As I think of the first season
Mary and her encounter
Joseph decided not to discount her
Mary all pregnant with the Son of God.
Stuck in a barn,
Wallowing in the sod.
The pain of the labor,
As heaven comes forth from her.
The wise men coming and throwing them selves down.
Bearing gifts before they rush out of town.
Maybe this season isn’t so hard to understand.
It reminds me
That I have a God who understands man
And knows what December is all about.
And has a plan.
To mend hearts and heal pain
To bring light to this dark world
God’s son,
Grace come down, wrapped plain
Soft and tender, not yet slain.
As we humble ourselves before this This tiny baby so frailand small
Let us remember the reason for this season
Jesus – God’s Love, sent in humility to save us all.
Merry Christmas.

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