The Body of Christ

I recently witnessed a miracle.  This post is a revised version of a note that I sent to Luan Sy.

Hi Luan,

I wanted to tell you what I have seen and observed and how blessed I am that you are alive!

On Saturday night we were in Huntington with the young adults when I got the call from my mom about Jeanne’s FB post. We immediately left the beach, dropped off the kids and drove to St. Jude.

I was blessed to be one of the few that saw you, laid hands on you and prayed for you. I looked into Mike’s eyes. I knew that he was saying there was hope, but I could tell he was steeling himself for whatever journey might lay ahead. There was something about his eyes, that even Pastor Bob mentioned on Wednesday night. Eyes of a man who knows too much I suppose.

Then we went downstairs and the waiting room was filled with a CROWD of people wanting to see you. The ICU nurses should give us a gold star for keeping all these anxious people from going up there! 

We gathered and prayed and CRIED. Men, women, everyone cried together to our great God for you and your sweet family.

I wanted to take a picture for when you woke up, but I forgot. 🙂

I was getting texts and calls and emails like crazy, people everywhere praying. In fact, someone from my homeschool group, that I hardly know, asked me how you were doing yesterday!

This deeply impacted many and many were up in the night sleepless and in prayer.

The Young Marrieds ministry will never be the same, we’ve been to a place together spiritually that has forever changed us and deeply impacted our faith.

God is SO GOOD.

Please know that you are well loved and cared for by the body of believers at CCEA!

Rest well and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings! I’m pretty sure you can do no wrong right now! Haha!

Take care Mama!




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