90 Days of Blessing

“They call me Miss Katie Ann when they respond to me.”  

She speaks these words to me as she tears open another note and reads words of thanks and blessing.

“If prayer is so effective, why don’t we do more of it?!”
she exclaims in wonder as we go about our daily chores.

My daughter is on a 90 day journey to bless others and is being showered with blessings in return.

Last summer I went on a different 90 day journey – to read through my bible in 90 days.  I planned all year to repeat that challenge again this summer, but as the time drew near I felt like God was calling me to something different this summer.

After much prayer, the Lord put together this idea in my mind:

90 days of prayer for 90 different people.

Katie Ann saw me with my calendar and cards and jumped on board, creating her own list of 90 people to pray for and write to.

Here is what we are doing:


  1. Print a calendar for June, July & August.
  2. Put categories in front of each week; family, teachers, pastors, etc. and fill in people for each day of each week for 3 months.
  3. Gather cards, stamps, index cards, pens and a church directory/address book.

  1. Pray for the person on that date
  2. Read the Proverb for that date: June 3rd/Proverbs 3
  3. Write a prayer in a prayer journal
  4. Write on index cards any verses that stand out to you for that person
  5. Write a note to that person, complete with addressing the envelope and adding the stamp
  6. Walk on over to the mailbox!

The blessings that have been poured back on us as we see God answer prayer in the lives of those we are praying for have been overwhelming. Katie Ann is so diligent, even writing to and praying for people as we were riding in the car on a road trip. 🙂

If you decide to take a 90 day journey, comment me and tell me what you are doing! 🙂


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