A Boy to Japan

I would like to share with you some things I am learning as a mother. I have not finished this journey (do we ever?) and so I don’t like to share anything as absolutes, but I would like to share what I am observing in my own children at this time.

It can be summed up in this one phrase: Faith, real faith needs opportunity to be exercised, and our children are not excluded from that.

The best times in my children’s lives and development with the Lord have been in those times when we have given them the opportunity to challenge and use their faith.

This has been a slow process as we patiently wait for a specific child’s bent and talent to be revealed and then we nurture and grow that talent in use for God’s glory. We are very intentional and prayerful about this for each of our children.

My little Josiah’s journey is just blossoming and I’d like to share his story with you.

My little Jojo was a clingy baby.  Like no other child I have had, he was large and clingy and stubborn. 🙂  I would hold him as he cried as a baby for hours singing “Here I am to Worship” which became his song and a tender one to this mama’s heart.

He would cry in the nursery for the entire service, angry that I would dare leave him.  At home he was constantly by my side.  At around 2 years old, he showed an interest in The Wiggles, I fed that interest!  30 minutes of freedom for these arms! 🙂 This turned into a love for worship and the songs and hand motions at church, but like the Wiggles, he soon grew out of this.

Through the years he has been somewhat aloof.  Not wanting to be in the spotlight, not feeling comfortable with attention, not knowing his place, always a middle child. 🙂

All of this changed in January.

One early morning in January, I prayed for this boy specifically.  I ask the Lord to PLEASE give him a purpose, some way in which to serve Him.

The next day, he took out a Break Free DVD that had been given to Tony and started break dancing.

He hasn’t stopped dancing since.  His mentor and teacher loves JESUS and keeps him on track, always reminding him that we do this for GOD’S GLORY and in HIS name and not our own. My boy has watched people profess faith at events that he takes direct part in. My boy who would not leave my side now dancing in front of hundreds of people – peers, strangers, drunks at Huntington Beach :)!

At the end of May, Tony received more vacation time and God opened the doors for he and Josiah to go to Japan.

Then the faith work really began.

My boy had to pray and seek God as to whether or not he could go on this trip, spending endless time in the “peaceful spot” in our house reading his bible (the book of Colossians), reading his devotional and praying.  It brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart to hear him ask: “Dad, where is that prayer list for Japan? I need it.” Then, he proceeded to go to the peaceful spot and pray! This has continued, day after day.

He is sending out support letters all on his own (we always have a stack of them around so he knows what they are!) tirelessly writing them out by hand, listing each prayer request one by one.

It’s a scary balance, urging this child in his talent, reminding him it’s for God – all at a young age.  It reminds me of that old song by DC Talk “What if I Stumble.” I understand that and I take it very seriously and to prayer.

But if you’re going to live recklessly – live recklessly for Jesus,

if you’re gonna take a risk – take it for God.

So here we go.

Keep my boy in your prayers.

God is so faithful.



3 thoughts on “A Boy to Japan

  1. Wow!! That brought me to tears, thank you for sharing that, I have been watching in amazement as each of your kids is turning to the Lord. I want to learn how to lead my kids to the lord the way that you and Tony do.

  2. Since I spent those months going to your house everyday… JoJo has had a little piece of my heart, as all of your children but there was just something about JoJo where it made want to be protective of him. I am so excited about his break dancing and the glory that God will get from it! I think about his growing confidence and most importantly his confidence in the Lord! Love the Huy family!

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