ABC’s of a Godly Woman (Wives Specifically)

is for Begins with Prayer

A godly woman begins with prayer.

This should be the first one, but begins doesn’t start with A so here it is on B.  We need to pray, pray, pray. 

It doesn’t help at all to aspire to great things as wives if we don’t go to God in prayer and hear His heart and will for us as wives.  

This is another thing that goes in that time category.  Pray all day.  

As you tuck the kids into bed, 

    as you transfer the laundry, 

        as you drive to work, 

            use your free moments for prayer…

and then pop in that bible study CD because you Aspire to be a godly woman! 

I want to give you some practical things that you need to be praying for. 

Specifically, for your husband.

1. Pray for his prosperity


1: to succeed in an enterprise or activity; especially to achieve economic success

2: to become strong and flourishing 

3: to cause to succeed or thrive

I love that last one, to succeed or THRIVE.  

Don’t you want that for your husband at his work, in his pursuits? 

To not just survive each work day, but to succeed and to thrive? A man was created to work and to be partly fulfilled by that work.  Pray for you husbands prosperity, pray for it daily.

2. Pray for his protection

I don’t need to tell you all the things that our men are being bombarded with every moment, you can see it for yourself.  

Pray for your husband’s protection from the temptations at work; sexually, spiritually and in his integrity.  The constant pulling at their fleshly desires is tiring and they need our prayers to stand firm. 

Satan wants our men and he’s been pretty successful at causing them to look like fools in the media, don’t think he’s going to spare your husband in his daily activities.

As an aside.  You can help tremendously in this regard by choosing wisely what movies you will see, what shows you will watch as a couple.  Just because you are ok with something, doesn’t mean he is. 

Think a little deeper than that, do you really want your husband to be ok with seeing scantily clad women on television?  If you can keep it out of our life, do it!

3. Pray for his priorities.

This one encompasses so many things.  His walk with God, his ministry, his hobbies, his family, your relationship.  Pray for wisdom and vision for your husband.  He has the huge responsibility of leading your family and he will answer to God on how he did –  PRAY for him!


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